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Big Data

Turn Big Data into Vulnerability Management Solutions

In today’s world there is no lack of data, every connected device generates tons of data that are captured in big data solutions.

Instead of deploying another agents, or opening additional scanning ports to perform Vulnerability Management. fatstacks uses the data collected by big data platforms to provide Software Vulnerability posture in real-time.

fatstacks sRTMS for Splunk

By providing Software Vulnerability information from machine data collected by Splunk, fatstacks enables security analysts to proactively identify root cause and make informed decisions on how to remediate an issue.

  • Detect hosts associated with severe software vulnerabilities
  • Shorten investigations cycle with identification of patches associated with those vulnerabilities
  • Share critical software vulnerabilities across teams
  • Be proactive in dealing with software vulnerabilities and maintaining security posture

Splunk Vulnerability Dashboard:
Splunk Vulnerability Dashboard

Splunk Software Dashboard:
Splunk Software Dashboard