Installation Guide

App Upgrade

Do not perform and in-place upgrade prior to backing up your custom reports as outlined in the Backing Up Your Custom Reports documentation.

In order to upgrade the app to the latest version, you need to go to appsource, and hit "GET IT NOW"

Overwrite an existing version

    • If you select this option the existing app, and workspace will be updated to the latest version.

    • In this scenario, the out-of-the box reports and data model will be updated. This will remove any customizations that have been made to the "bi_for_intune" report set. If you've customized the "bi_for_intune" report set you should install to a new workspace.

    • If you have previously duplicated, and/or created your own reports - they will not be impacted by the upgrade.

During an in-place upgrade, no additional configuration will be required.