User Guide

Power BI UI

  • Login to using your corporate email address.
  • Note: A Power BI Pro license is required to view, edit or create reports or dashboards.
  • Notice on the right side of the page you will see Apps and Workspaces. Here you will find the BI for SCCM app and Workspace

BI for SCCM App

  • You should access the BI for SCCM app whenever you simply want to consume data from either an in-built dashboard or a custom dashboard created within your organization.
  • Navigate the tabs at the bottom of the to view the various pages.
  • All the charts and graphs within the page are interactive. Simply click any chart or graph to filter the entire page. Charts and graphs can also be drilled into by right clicking on them.

BI for SCCM Workspace

  • The workspace is where you will go to perform admin level tasks such as created new reports or granting access to reports to others inside of your organization.

Edit a Report

  • Select the BI for SCCM workspace. Click the Reports tab then click on bi_for_sccm.
  • Select Edit report.
  • Select the New tab button.
  • Create your new report using the Visualizations and Fields menus.
  • To give your page a friendly name right-click the tab and select Rename Page.
  • Once you’ve completed your new report click File and then Save.
  • Or Save As, if you need to create it as a new Report.

Grant access to others in your organization

  • From the BI for SCCM workspace click Access.
  • Enter the email address or the person(s) you’d like to grant access.
  • Select role from the drop-down list. Click Add.
  • Note: All users who access Power BI need a Power BI Pro license assigned to them.

Configure an email subscription to a report

  • From either the app or the workspace access the report page for which you’d like to configure a subscription.
  • Click Subscribe.
  • Enter the email address of the person whom you’d like to subscribe to the report.
  • Complete any other desired information. Click Save and close.