Vulnerability Intelligence

Vulnerability Intelligence tells you what needs to be patched first, and where. It informs customers what items requires evaluation. Vulnerability Intelligence is the glue between a company’s Vulnerability Assessment process and a company’s Patching process.

fatstacks Unique Value Proposition

fatstacks identifies logical vulnerability from day-to-day IT operation tools (i.e. Microsoft SCCM). All customers have one of these tools, most have many. This means the required data Security and Patching desire, is readily available, in ALL customer environments. Fatstacks unique IP provides complete insight into what is running across your network, with your security risk “Vulnerability Intelligence” profile layer. All of this happens in realtime. We accomplish this via our proprietary mapping technology, normalizing raw data, and adding the Vulnerability profile

Business Intelligence

Easily create custom reports and dashboards from System Center Configuration Manager with BI for SCCM.

System Center Configuration Manager is the leading, enterprise-class, systems management solution. In SCCM Current Branch, the product introduces new and innovative features every 4 months. However, many of SCCM reports have not been updated in almost 20 years. Fatstacks have developed BI for SCCM as a replacement for the out of the box SCCM reports. Our business intelligence product ships with many informative and interactive reports which allows anyone to harness the data within SCCM. Using our simple point and click interface anyone can create powerful custom reports in just minutes.