GRC & Security Platform

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Todays’ leading GRC solutions aim to obtain clear visibility of vulnerability risk across the organization.

Data driven when possible, they can greatly improve an organization’s risk posture by effectively orchestrating processes across your organization

  • fatstacks sTRMS provides real-time visibility into your Logical Vulnerabilities
  • fatstacks sTRMS prioritizes your remediation plans
  • fatstacks sTRMS keeps you ahead as risk emerges, priorities shift, and IT landscapes change, and does so ALL Within Your GRC System.

We close the Logical Vulnerability gaps in your GRC system, and do so in Real-time

ServiceNow Vulnerability Response

  • fatstacks sRTMS analyzes the discovery information from ServiceNow CMDB, and generates the list of Logical Vulnerabilities directly in ServiceNow for appropriate routing and resolution.
  • The integration also allows to bring Logical Vulnerabilities identified by sRTMS from other discovery sources (e.g: Microsoft SCCM, Amazon EC2 SSM) into the ServiceNow Vulnerability Response Plugin.
servicenow dataflow

fatstacks overview

ServiceNow console loaded with vulnerability data from fatstacks.

servicenow fatstacks overview

Vulnerability Items

For each open vulnerability identified by sRTMS a new Vulnerable Item will be created in ServiceNow (Configuration Item, Vulnerability "cve", Vulnerable software "cpe", Installation).

servicenow vulnerability items