BI for Intune Installation Guide

Intune Export API Configuration

Microsoft have migrated some of the data that BI for Intune uses to the new Intune Export API. Each region in which Microsoft host Intune has a unique download URL that is sent as a response to queries made against this API. For this reason we have introduced new dataset parameters that should be configured in order for this data be imported into Power BI. Configuring these parameters are not mandatory, however if you do not configure these parameters as described here BI for Intune will make a call to a redirect API owned by Fatstacks. The purpose of the redirect API is to automate locating the correct download URL for your Intune tenant and pass that URL back to BI for Intune in order to download content from the Export API to Power BI. No protected data is passed through Fatstacks if you leverage the redirect API. However, we recommend that customers follow this guide to bypass using our redirect API altogether.

  • In Intune select the Reports blade.

  • Select the Device Management > Windows Updates (preview) reports.

  • Select the Reports tab.

  • Select the Windows Feature Update report.

  • On the Windows Feature Update report select a Feature Update Profile.

  • Select Generate to generate the report.

  • Open the developer pane in your browser. Do this by pressing F12 in either Chrome or Edge.

  • Select Export to start the process of exporting the report to .csv.

  • On the Network tab of the Developer pane in the browser watch for the the line that start with WindowsUpdatePerPolicyPerDeviceStatus_.

  • Select the line that starts with WindowsUpdatePerPolicyPerDeviceStatus_, in the General pane look for the Request URL line.

  • Copy and save the base URL from the Request URL. It should look something like this, "".

  • Go to the BI for Intune workspace.

  • Open the BI for Intune dataset Settings.

  • Expand Parameters

  • Enter the Export API base URL in the Azure AD Export URL field.

  • Change FALSE to TRUE in the Azure AD Export URL Enable field.

  • Apply these changes.

  • You will be notice that there's a warning on the Data Source Credentials section of the Data Source Settings. (Just above the Parameters.)

  • One of the credentials will show an "X" next to it. Click Edit Credentials on this line.

  • Select Anonymous as the Authentication method.

  • Select Organizational as the Privacy level setting for this data source.

  • Select Skip Test Connection

  • Select Sign in.

  • Return to the workspace.

  • Select the Refresh now icon.

  • You have now successfully configured the Intune Export API settings.