Installation Guide

Windows 10 Software Inventory Configuration

Due to issues in the data collected natively by Intune we have developed a custom solution for collecting and reporting on installed software for Intune managed Windows 10 clients. This functionality of BI for Intune is optional, not configuring Windows 10 software inventory collection will not cause any errors in BI for Intune. Our solution requires Log Analytics and Endpoint Analytics. Note that Log Analytics is not a free service, however the amount of data required for software inventory is very small, we are happy to share what we've seen in other customer environments if you contact us. For more information about the cost of Log Analytics consult your Microsoft licensing specialist.

Begin by following the Microsoft documentation to enroll your clients in Endpoint Analytics and setting up a Log Analytics workspace.

Next, edit the enterprise app registration that you created according to our App Registration documentation. You will need to add the Data.Read permission to the Log Analytics API. The following steps require Global Admin permissions.

Editing the Enterprise App Registration

Next configure the Log Analytics workspace as described in our Configuring the Log Analytics Workspace documentation.