Installation Guide

App Upgrade

In order to upgrade the app to the latest version, you need to go to appsource, and hit "GET IT NOW"

Then click "Install"

2 options are available for upgrade:

Install to a new workspace

    • It will install the app in a new workspace (both old and new version will exist in your environment).
    • At one point you can decide to delete the old app, and the old workspace.

Overwrite an existing version (Preview) aka "in-place upgrade"

    • If you select this option the existing app, and workspace will be updated to the latest version.
    • In this scenario, the out-of-the box reports and data model will be updated.
    • If you have previously duplicated, and/or created your own reports - they won't be impacted by the upgrade.

If you choose to Install a new workspace, you will need to re-enter the ApiKey, and SCCM Connection info, but you won't need to reconfigure the data gateway.

ApiKey: Please request a key at or by filling this form.

ServerName: FQDN of your server hosting your SCCM database.

DatabaseName: SCCM database name. Hint: this will be CM_xxx here xxx equals the site code of the primary site or CAS.

if you choose to "Overwrite an existing version", then no additional configuration will be required.

In both cases, you will need to do a refresh of the "dataset", otherwise you will only access the demo data.