ServiceNow Guide


ServiceNow Release: Istanbul or higher

ServiceNow Plugin: Vulnerability Response

sRTMS update set for ServiceNow

Plugin procedure

  1. Navigate to System Definition > Plugins.
  2. Right-click the plugin name "Vulnerability Response" on the list and select Activate/Upgrade.

Update Set procedure

  1. Elevate privileges to the security_admin role.
  2. Navigate to System Update Sets > Retrieved Update Sets.
  3. Click the link Import Update Set from XML.
  4. Click Choose File and select an XML file.
  5. Click Upload.

ServiceNow Role

  • Assign the role "x_85303_srtms.srtms_admin" to the ServiceNow fatstacks administrator.

Role Name



fatstacks administrator role

ServiceNow API User

  • if ServiceNow CMDB is used as a discovery source. fatstacks will require a ServiceNow user with the following rules enabled.

Active: Yes

Web service access only : Yes

Role(s): sam

The user only needs read-access to:

  • cmdb_ci_computer
  • cmdb_sam_sw_install


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